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Summary from IS7, Norkem Park High School, South Africa

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Dear friends

Firstly, we would like to say that we have enjoyed answering your questions,we found them very interesting. Secondly, thank you very much for answering our question to the best of your abilities.Your answers were very interesting and informing.


Just like South Africa other countries have fascinating sites to explore,counties like Hungary, Lebanon, Morrocco, Netherlands, Ukraine and South Africa have amazing places to tour.These places have a lot of historical value to them.In some places ancient people used to wrestle,create pottery and enjoy festivals.In some places religous and traditional events used to be held.In other places kings and queens reigned. Lastly, in some places political leaders from townships were imprisoned.


We knew very little about the amazing sites other countries have.But what we wanted to learn (which is the wonderful places other coutries have) about is listed below

*Hungary-Hartobagy National Park



*Nertherlands-De Keukenhof


*South Africa-Gold Reef City


We have learnt that even though we are from different countries,have different values and religions , our historical sites and sounds are dear to us all.


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