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Summary from IS6, Kirovograd Collegium, Ukraine

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IS Plant Picture Gallery


Ukraine                    Latvia                    Lebanon             Morocco                     Latvia                    Hungary          South Africa                    

 Snowball-tree           Daisy                    Cedar                    Rockrose                    Oak                      Violet               Protea 


Hungary                    Morocco          South Africa                    Ukraine                    Morocco               The Netherlands

Rose                         Eucalyptus          Protea                         Sunflower               African daisy              Tulip



Dear LC partners,

Thank you very much for your answers and pictures. Our question was:

What plants are symbolic for your country? Why? Share with us legends or stories connected with them.

Here is our summary:

The world is full of wonders and one of the most beautiful wonders is a plant. Trees and flowers surround us everywhere, they make our life beautiful and every nation has symbolic plants. You can see them in our “picture gallery”.

Plants symbolize

·         love, fertility or beauty

·         longevity and eternity

·         determination and strength

·         harmony of all cultures

·         tenderness and care

Since ancient times people believed that plants helped and supported them in various situations. They knew about medical properties of the plants,   used them to make boats, ships, and homes and also for weapons such as the wooden devices that break down gates or throw rocks and fire balls. People use plants to make baskets, sandals, place mats, the plants are used to cook delicious dishes. Besides they give pleasant scent.

 For some nations plants are so important that they are put on their national flags.

Some nations believe that their symbolic plant was given them by God and it will make the country flowering as a nation.

There are some amazing facts which say that some plants are symbolic for one country, but came from the opposite side of the Earth.

We can spot the appearance of symbolic plants in the lyrics of folk songs, in the motifs of embroidery patterns of folk costumes, in the paintings of folk art which appear on various traditional pieces of furniture, and on historical coats of arms.

There many plants that create jobs for many farm labourers who work in the flower industry. Some plants give the  names to national spot  teams.

We feel that we sound mysterious, but if you want to discover the mysteries, then read all the answers to our question.


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