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Summary from IS2, Kalupe Basic School, Lativa

Page history last edited by Jekaterina 10 years, 8 months ago

We’d like to thank all the circles for the answers they’ve prepared and say sorry for the circles we haven’t answered because of the flu ( a great part of us get ill).

Our question was about the traditional bread of your countries. We also wanted to know how your bread looks like and did you have any beliefs connected with bread.

We’ve found that bread is one of the main part of meal for all of us. It can be different shapes: round, flat, oval or rectangular. Rye bread is popular in Ukraine, Netherland and Latvia. But white bread is popular in all the countries. The yeast is component for all kinds of bread. And there is a lot of other adding to put in the bread: sunflower seeds, grated garlic, sesame seeds, nuts, anise seeds, orange flower water. In Hungary like in Latvia some loafs of bread can weight about 8-10 kg.

Different countries have different beliefs connected with bread. Some of them related to religion, some of them come from the ancient times. And  people keep these traditions from one generation to another.

Thank you for the photos and recepies of the bread of your countries. It was so pleasant to read your works and now we know much more about your countries.


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