S2, Kalupe Basic School, Lativa


My name is Jekaterina Shimane. I am from Latvia. I live in Daugavpils, the second biggest town in Latvia. I’m 40 and I’ve got two children. My son, Nikita is 18 and my daughter, Liza is 10. I work in a small country school in Kalupe –a village 45 km far from my town. I am a teacher of English at Basic School. Our school’s already taken part in GTP but this year Wiki is absolutely new for us. So we’ll get an excited experience doing something for the first time.




S2, Class Letter



Class Letter from S2


Hello from Latvia!

We are students from Kalupe Basic School in Latvia. Latvia is a small country in Europe, but we can be proud of it. Our country is very beautiful with many forests, lakes and nice places where people can go to relax. We are from the south-east part of Latvia, called Latgale. The name of our village is Kalupe. We live in the countryside, 45 km far from the second biggest town in Latvia. Our place is famous for its old church and basic school. There are about 140 students in our school and 20 teachers work in it. Our school is state supported. We learn two foreign languages: English and Russian. After lessons we have a lot of activities as choir, dancing, theatre circle, agricultural circle, Sport Games Club and Music and Art School. Our life is full of events and very interesting. And we are ready to do something new like taking part in Global Teenagers Project. Our group is not very big only 10 students. We are 14-15 years old students of forms 9 and 8. We are friendly, active and outgoing. Our teacher made this photo in our English room. Not all the students of our group are here (our boys were taking part in the sport competition that day)


 We wish you success with the project work and all the best.

Keep in touch.

S2 Kalupe Basic School