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Page with the question from IS7 and space to add your answers

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Question from IS7, Norkem Park High School, South Africa

If we were to travel in your country what are:

1. the absolute must see images in coutry and

2. the absolute must hear sounds of your country

Please provide pictures  and audio if you can

Answer from IS1 


What are the absolute must see images and must hear sounds of Hungary? 

We strongly believe that there are many amazing sights in Hungary  that a visitor to the country should not miss. As there is a question which must be answered by telling you about the natural wonders of our homeland, we thought we would rather tell you about the man-made wonders in our country. Among them we would like to focus on the sights that are parts of the world heritage.


Hortobágy National Park


Although it is a natural wonder, the thing that would make it worth visiting is the outstanding example of a cultural  landscape shaped by a pastoral human society. The landscape of the Hortobágy National preserves intact and visible the evidence of its traditional use and represents the harmonious interaction between human beings and nature. It consists of a vast area of plains and wetlands, traditional forms of land use are present there and you can see lots of attractions, such as horse-riding shows and more if you go there.



Lake Balaton


There is a glamorous place in Hungary which is equally admired by teenagers, children and  adults, which has been the inspiration of so many great Hungarian artists, and that is Hungary's largest fresh-water lake, Balaton. As Hungary hasn't got any seas, Balaton is regarded as the Hungarian sea.






Hollókő is a small village in Hungary, about 120 km north from Budapest. This outstanding deliberately preserved traditional settlement together with its surroundings was the first world heritage sight in Hungary protected by UNESCO in its cultural heritage list. A unique example of traditional rural life can be observed if you visit the village. Old women still wear the traditional folk costumes in the streets.




Budapest, the Capital where We Live


We can be proud to be able to tell you that the city where we live has three world heritage sights. Those are the banks of the river Danube (rather the panoramic view of the city), the Buda Castle Quarter and Andrássy Avenue. Budapest is one of the outstanding urban landscapes illustrating the great periods in the history of Hungary. The city is ideal for walking, you can witness living history while walking on the banks of the river Danube listening to the sounds the street musicians are making. In Fishermen's Bastion up the castle hill you can listen to various people playing their instruments just for fun.

On the elongated axis of Andrássy Avenue, there stands the marble column of the

Millennium Monument, which signposts Heroes' Square from afar. It is bordered by the City Park and is framed by two imposing buildings, the Museum of Fine Arts on the left, which is the final example of Hungarian eclectic architecture, and the Hall of Arts, a neo-renaissance palace. The determinant element of the palace is the Millennium Monument which consists of the marble pillar we have already mentioned and around it the statues of the seven Hungarian Chieftains and the crescent-shaped colonnade with its sculptures of kings, governors and statesmen.

Grund Bori and Wiesel Dóri




Answer from IS2










Answer from IS3

If you want to come to our country ,you must go to see several places in Lebaon.







Situated on the Beqaa plain, Aanjar is the site of the only Umayyad city in Lebanon. It was built from 705 to 715 and many well conserved ruins still remain.








In the Beqaa valley, undulating in the magnificent landscape opens up the ancient city of Baalbeck. This site is categorised in UNESCO's world cultural heritage sites, and has a high degree of preservation.








Outstanding and mysterious, shady and giving, Beirut is a city which provides and conceals simultaneously.


In praise of variety. Beirut is a melting pot of many cultures and shelters an incredible variety of languages, nationalities and religions. Thus, many remarkable contrasts appear in the streets: churches and mosques stand side by side, water pipe smokers of the harbour and peaceful fishermen mix with frenzied jogging and mountain-biking aficionados. In this environment large panoplies of different ways of living co-exists.






One of the most precious Arabic architectural jewels is the palace of Beiteddine. This historic monument comprises of two large courtyards: the “midane”, a vast rectangular place for visitors, and a smaller one for the royal private apartments, with a magnificent fountain in its centre.




Byblos (Jbeil)




The city of Byblos has constantly been inhabited since the sixth century BC. The actual town is made up of the old town, surrounded by medieval walls along with the modern town that progressively expands towards the mountains.




Deir El Qamar




Situated in the Shouf, Deir El Qamar is one of Lebanon’s best-preserved towns. With its impressive traditional architecture displayed in the numerous palaces and monuments across the area, it is considered as one of the country’s historical heritages.



Qadisha Valley (Holy Valley)





In north Lebanon, the “Holy Valley” spreads from Bcharreh to the coast. Classified under UNESCO's world heritage, its countless caves, chapels and monasteries as well as its luxuriant vegetation transformed it into the most famous natural site of Lebanon.






Sidon (Saida)




Sidon, capital of South Lebanon, has been mentioned in writings since the 14th century BC and was constantly inhabited. Since Antiquity, it has been one of the most flourishing ports of Phoenicia and the Mediterranean. Traces of this glorious past still hover in every street of the city.




The Cedars, Arz Al Rab





Even though several regions of Lebanon shelter cedars forests, 'the Cedars' refers to the Arz-el-Rab massif, in north Lebanon.









As soon as you catch sight of the city, you cannot help but dream of the 'Arabian Nights'. Erected next to a cliff, Tripoli’s old town is an entanglement of alleys. The jewelers' souk, as well as the joiners and tailors shops, lay amid buildings of traditional architecture and sparkling hammams. 









Founded in the 18th century, Zahle, the village with red tiled roofs, was erected on the shores of “al Bardawni” river. Nowadays, restaurants, coffee-rooms and old houses flourish on each riverbank. There, you can relax and have a refreshing drink or a tasty meal under the shadeof trees alongside the rushing river.







Answer from IS4

Questions: If we were to travel in your country what are: 1. the absolute must see images in coutry and

2. the absolute must hear sounds of your country  ?    Please provide pictures  and audio if you can


Hi dear friends !


I am happy to welcome you to my country and if you are thinking of visiting it , I hope you will enjoy  your time in these beautiful cities.

Fés !


Historically the first of the Imperial Cities and made up of three centres, Fez deserves a couple of days of any visitor's time in Morocco, described as "The most perfectly preserved and working Mediaeval city in the world". Fez conjures up the same mysterious visions of an ancient world as that of Marrakech . 


Méknés !

Meknes was made the capital by Sultan Moulay Ismail in the 17th century, known as the Louis XIV of Morocco. In this respect Meknes can be compared to Versaille for its grandiose and extravagent monuments laid down for history to judge. The maouseleum of Moulay Ismail is open for non-muslims to view but not to step inside, this is a concession in itself. The city walls are extensive and enclose a less fearsome medina than at Fez


Marrakéche !

   Marrakech has many faces, the historic and labyrinthine Medina of the Almohads (Moors), the majesty of the BahiaPalace, the tranquility of its many famous gardens and the sophistication of its more modern boulevards and cafes. All of which emphasises the immense historical context of the Medina and its focal point, the Djemma el Fna


Casablanca ! 

Casablanca is now a thriving business centre with a large and relatively wealthy population living and working in high rise developments. There is still an old medina though and the new  Hassan II Mosque  is an incredible building, second only to Mecca in size and at night the minaret's laser beam lights the way to the home of Islam.

Rabat !


Rabat is a coastal city founded by Yaakoub el Manssour . Its greatest landmark is the tower that Hassan which was built in the time of  Manssour dahbi

.Rabat is the current capital of modern Morocco. It is well designed and its boulevards are a perfect setting for the culture and grandeur a state capital should offer. The Royal Palace, the unfinished mosque, the necropolis at Chellah and the grand mauosoleum of King Mohammed V  (and now also the late Hassan II) are a perfect combination of sights for the visitor.


 Hafsa Toujami  From IS4 Morocco. 

Answer from IS5

Must sees in the Netherlands




Madurodam is more than 57 years the smallest city in the Netherlands. At a glance you can see what makes the Netherlands so typical. Canals, palaces and picturesque fronts, but also the modern port, office buildings and Maeslantkering that Holland impoldered. Everything is exactly reconstructed, exactly 25 times smaller than in real life.



From mid June to August is the famous Gouda Gouda cheese traded on the Gouda cheese market, at the back of the hall, just before the weighing. For three centuries, now on Thursday morning between 10 and 12:30 hours, the local farmers come in costume to the market for it on their ancient way to weigh cheese and haggling to sell. Weighing the cheese takes place in the balance where tourists can themselves also weighed on the authentic cheese bascule. Tourists can also own cheese after it is approved and drill down on an original certificate signed by the judge.



This is a little film of the Gouda Cheese Market:




You would also have take a walk in traditional Dutch wooden shoes!       



In the spring you should visit De Keukenhof, to see wonderful fields of tulips 



To see a bit of very modern engineering you should visit the Deltawerken. This is an enormous construction of sluices and stormsurgebarriers to protect us from the always threatening water.





And one thing we like very much is an amusement park called "De Efteling". The orginal part was designed by Anton Pieck, a famous Dutch artist. The park looks like one big fairy tale.





Answer from IS6


As every country  Ukraine is beautiful and full of wonders.  There are a lot of places to see and it will take you quite

a lot of time to see all of them. The first place we invite you to visit is the capital of Ukraine Kyiv.Kyiv is an ancient city

which history dates back to the 10th century. One of the oldest building here is St.Sofia cathedral with its wonderful

frescoes and wall paintings.


Another wonderful city worth visiting is ancient Lviv with its cobbled narrow streets and buildings that present wonderful pieces of architecture. There are many attractions here  and one of them is ancient drug shop that won't leave

you indifferent.



If you come to Ukraine you can't miss visiting the pearl on the Black Sea Yalta with its sandy beaches,

warm water, palaces and churches. You will breathe fresh air and enjoy the sunny weather.





The Carpathians are old green and not very high mountains. They will give you pleasure in any season. You will not only visit beautiful places, drink healthy mineral water, enjoy skiing , but you can also listen to the traditional musical instruments - trembity.



Answer from IS8

In Ukraine there are many interesting places. I would advise to go to capital of Ukraine Kiev, where to visit to his beautiful churches, especially the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the visiting of Lviv and Kharkiv - the centers of West and East Ukraine,  Carpathians and Crimea.

  Lviv Crimea














Answer from IS9

 Hi friends from Norkem Park, we found your questions very interesting and this is our answer to your questions.

Ø  The must sees in our country are  

ü  All 8 our Heritage sites which are;

    Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape

      Robben Island

      Richtersveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape

·         UKhahlamba / Drakensberg Park

·         Cape Floral Region Protected Areas

·         Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park

·         Vredefort Dome


ü  Other must sees will be our;

·         Beaches

·         Table mountain

·         Gold reef City

·         Sun City

·         Our Game reserves

·         Our conservation sites

This is a picture of one of South Africa's stadiums. This one in particular is a new stadium in CapeTown. 


Ø  The must hears in our country will be our

·         Rand shows

·         As well as our theatres where different concerts and shows are held.



We hope that we have answered your questions accurately and that you have learnt something new about us.


Kindest regards

Katlego C. Lebelwane

Prinesa Reddy

Kendra-Leigh C. Van Wyk


Learners of the 8th grade                                                                               











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