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IS6, Kirovograd Collegium, Ukraine

Page history last edited by Zoya Rodionova 11 years, 1 month ago

IS6 Class Introduction 


Hello to all the amazing participants of gtp and its coordinators,


We are the 8th grade students (13 years old)at  Kirovograd Collegium, Ukraine . We all love to get acquainted with other cultures as we strongly believe that it is always interesting to discover an unknown part of the world for ourselves!

We are 12 in a group for studying English (5 boys and 7 girls). Every single of us has different interests but we all enjoy spending time together beside school classes, and we would love to make even more international friends!

Our school specializes in the profound studying of the English language, however besides English we have a huge variety of subjects to study. Every time when the school year starts  we want to make it really unforgettable and joful! We have a lot of things to share with you and of course we are looking forward to getting to know all of you!


Just ask us questions about whatever you would like to know and we will be happy to give you the fullest answers!

It's up to all the participants to set up a mood of our discussions, so lets make it fun and exciting!

Good luck to everybody and just to remind you one thing... if you aren't having fun, you aren't doing it right :)!



IS6 Teacher Introduction
Hi everybody,
I am Zoya Rodionova. I am from Ukraine. I  am K12 teacher of English and I teach at Kirovograd Collegium. It's a specialized school with profound studying of English.
I love my job and I think that it is rewarding .
I spend most of my day at school, teaching, but I also like to involve my students in out-of-class activities. We stage performances, participate in projects. I try to show to my students that there are a lot of ways to use the language they study and in this way they can enrich their knowlege of the world around them.
I am married and I have got two sons. I enjoy visiting new places and meeting new people.
I like reading books.
Hope to hear from you soon.

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