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IS5_Group 4_Niels  Marlou  Isabel

Page history last edited by Citaverde College 2E 11 years, 1 month ago

Hello, we are Niels, Marlou and Isabel. We will research and answer the question of the Tarbalout Daoudi Junior High School, Morocco.

You can read our individual introduction here:


We are Niels, Isabel & Marlou.
We come from Citaverde College Nederweert.
Niels: he's fourteen years old, his hobbies are playing football and he doesn't like homework.
Isabel: she is thirteen years old, her hobbies are playing footbal and tennis.
Marlou: she is thirteen years old just like Isabel, her hobbies are football, tennis, reading books and singing.
We hope that you have enough information about us now.
bye bye,
Niels, Isabel, Marlou
Isabel                       Niels                     Marlou

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