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Goodbye messages from IS1, Fazekas Mihály Primary and Secondary Grammar School, Hungary



Dear IS Learning Circle Mates,

Thank you for all the information and pictures we recieved from you, we hope we will remember at least some. We would also like to keep in touch with you. We would be happy to recieve some of you as guests one day.

Best wishes,

IS1 Fazekas Mihály Primary and Secondary Grammar School



Goodbye messages from IS2, Kalupe Basic School, Lativa

Dear friends,


It’s time to say goodbye and thank you for the wonderful photos and great answers we’ve received from you. We’ve found a lot of interesting information about you and your countries.


Best wishes

IS 2 , Kalupe Basic School, Latvia







Goodbye messages from IS3, Ahliah School, Lebanon


Dear Friends, 

     We would like to thank you all for all the efforts that you have done to reach this phase. It has been a great pleasure to work with you and share all this amount of information about different countries' traditions, pride, and cultures.

     We hope that we were able to answer your questions properly as we are sure that you answered our question perfectly. It was a unique chance to know about you in such an interesting way transcending all the space and time boarders and reaching into wide horizons of knowledge.We hope to meet you in other learning circles.

     Good by and good luck in everything you do,

     IS3 Lebanon





Goodbye messages from IS4, Tarbalout Daoudi Junior high school, Morocco


Dear friends

We were greatly happy to be here and to share all those formation with you.  It is the first time for us in GTP project and it was a wonderful experience .We learned many things about your countries and we loved your answers, questions and the colourful pictures.

Thank you very much.


IS4 Morocco 




Goodbye messages from IS5, CITAVERDE College Nederweert, The Netherlands


Dear IS Learning Circle friends,


We had a fun time with all of you on the internet. We learned a lot about your countries, traditions and cultures. The images and sounds from your country were very interesting and great fun. We hope you also learned a lot about our country. Maybe we will see you in a next Learning Circle!


It's time to say goodbye...


Best wishes from Class 2E @ the CITAVERDE College Nederweert 



Goodbye messages from IS6, Kirovograd Collegium, Ukraine


Dear IS partners,

Saying Good bye, we want to thank all of you for your meaningful questions, wonderful  answers, colourful pictures. This circle has helped us to learn more about your countries and to get you to know our country Ukraine.

Hope to hear from you in some other circles.

Best wishes





Goodbye messages from IS7, Norkem Park High School, South Africa

Hi there. Thank you for the answers that you sent to our questions. We realised that while we are very different from each other, we are also so incredibly the same. Thank you to everybody who made this project possible. We learnt so much and hope that we will be invited to take part again. Enjoy your break from school in December. To all our Christian friends may the love of Christ be with you. Finally may 2010 be a wonderful year for you. We are certainly looking forward to 2010 since the Soccer World Cup is in our country. Ayoba.

Mr T and the Grade 9 History class of 2009 







Goodbye messages from IS8, Kharkiv gymnasium #55, Ukraine


Dear friends!

Thank you for your very interesting information, we find out a lot about your countries and your traditions.

We also have tried to tell you about our Ukraine and our city Kharkiv.

We would be very happy if after that you wish to visit our country.


Best wishes,  IS8, Kharkiv gymnasium #55 ( Ukraine )


Goodbye messages from IS9, Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, South Africa


Good bye letter

Sanibonani, dumelang, abusheni, nda, molweni, hallo, HELLO!

It’s hard for us to say goodbye because we had such a wonderful experience learning about your different countries.  The images and sounds of your countries were very interesting. The fact that we are from totally different countries and share the same pride in our countries’ emblems and anthems, shows how much we have in common. This has been an awesome learning curve for all of us. We’ll be back!!!  God bless.


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